“Twelve Words of Christmas” A selection…

The third can, the second needle, the last penny, his final Christmas. Ben W. Y9

One year his present was life.  This year he gave it back.  Thomas B. Y9

Gaze upon the fireplace. Sit with the family. Celebrate altogether. Be Happy. Holly H. Y7

The crunch of snow, Santa’s sleigh on show, a truly magical time. Hannah B. Y7

Dudley wanted friends so badly. So he put them on his Christmas list.  Evan H. Y9

Christmas is winter’s heart, when little children play their games the snow. Oscar W.Y7

The snow falls, the gifts given, the trees tall, wrapped in ribbon. David McG. Y10

Everyone in the family was happy with their Christmas gifts that year. Matthew R. Y10

The fireside is blazing bright and we are carolling through the night. Darcie J. Y7

The bearer of presents, bare of presents.  The Light of Christmas, snuffed. Razeen S. Y9

Sausages, turkey, stuffing, bacon, mashed potato, gravy; that was Tom’s favourite present. Patrick Loughran. Y9

Merry Christmas from all in the Library.  Thanks for reading.

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