Another busy term for the library

Last week we welcomed our new 2017 Carnegie Shadowing group.   Pupils from Y8 and Y9 will be reading through the six books and taking their own vote before the Medal is awarded on June 19th. Railhead by Philip Reeve, Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon and Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk have been first off the line for choice. The transition from Longlist to Shortlist has disappointed several people because great books such as Crongton Knights by Alex Wheatley and Jenny Downham’s Unbecoming sadly lost out. However, all six on the shortlist are well-written good stories as you would expect of this illustrious award. New shadowers welcome.

Two weeks ago, Y9 met Kerry Drewery, Author of Cell 7, and had lively debates about Capital Punishment before they attempted their own Letter from Death Row. The letter often worked as a corrective to some rather harsh judgements vis the extenuating circumstances.

On 8th March I attended a school archives and records day at the National Archives in Kew. Many Independent schools have preserved their historical documents and photographs as Nottingham High School has.  These resources create a unique matrix of British social history that encompasses both how education and the political philosophy behind education defines our progress as a nation and also how our experience of education shapes us as individuals. There is always a lot to learn from an Archive collection.  This term we have worked with the DH Lawrence Birthplace Museum and the Dame Agnes Mellors’ Lads Club Charity.

The first week of March brought World Book Day and a visit from Author Stewart Ross for Y8. Ross has more books in our Library than anyone (61 to date from the 300 books he has written) because he is an educational writer alongside producing very successful Childrens’ fiction. He is also an inspiring and dynamic speaker. He talked about what it is to be a professional writer and the importance of reading and writing to our culture.

“The Healthy Option” During the week of WBD we held a book fair each lunchtime and raised enough in commission to choose £150 of books to be donated to the NSPCC alongside our Chocolate Easter Egg collection. Many thanks to everyone who bought something.


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