Seven Years On

Seven years ago, we asked the incoming Y7s on their June Induction Day to send us a postcard during their summer break telling us what they were reading and what they thought of it. This kept us, the Librarians, very happy and envious during the summer months and in September we made the first Library display of 2010, bought their recommendations (if we didn’t already have them) and entered all who sent one into a prize draw for the new Guinness Book of Records.  (We are doing it again this year).  This spring we found a few of those cards from 2010.  You may recognize yours.

Alex F.  loved The Percy Jackson Series (“incredible-better than Harry Potter”), Silver Fin and Crocodile Tears;  Ivan W.  read The Spook’s Nightmare by Joseph Delaney; James W. was busy with Ripley’s Believe It or Not;  Alex D. recommended Anthony Horowitz’  The Devil and his Boy.  Connor took Escape from Shadow Island by Paul Adam to Wales with him while James A. achieved two Harry Potters and a Cherub.

We would like to wish these and all our 2017 Leavers all the very best (books) in the coming years.  We will miss your overdues.   Never stop reading. Or else!




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I am the Chartered Librarian of Nottingham High School.

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