Our Twelve Words of Christmas Competition

Out of 92 entries The Twelve Words of Christmas Winners are….

Brodie Gibbons Y10

Christmas cheer in the air

In my socks and in my hair.

 Sarah Whittamore Y7

Magical snow forms a blanket.  Glowing lights shine in my brown eyes.

 Hannah Bryce Y8

Every year, hope for snow.

Instead get rain and harsh winds blow.


Foreign Language entry.

 Joe Podesta Y9

Autour du feu, entourés d’étoiles, nous chantons gaiement des chants de Noël.

 Staff Entry

 Mr Batchelor

Yodel, UPS, Hermes, TNR, FedEx,DHL, Deliveroo, APC.

Destination found.  Meaning lost?

Thank you all for taking part. Happy Holidays everyone.


About gunther.y

I am the Chartered Librarian of Nottingham High School.

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