Reading Lists

Nottingham High School Library  Recommended Reading.

Hover on Reading Tab for age specific recommendations and Challenges.

School Librarians are often asked for reading lists and many trees are felled and photocopies made in an effort to reduce the long list of possible choices to a notable few.

Age grouping is not written in stone but is simply a guide.

If you find it difficult to find time to read or difficult to get through a book, the Yr7 and Yr8 set are all popular, well written, tried and tested by boys around your age. They are often part of a series which will help you to ‘get stuck in’ to a good reading routine.

The Year 9 suggestions have story lines that address more teenage concerns and are on subjects that might be more relevant to you as you get older.

I have mixed some classic titles that your parents might recognise, with some recently published books to give you a good grounding in quality fiction.  All these authors are excellent!



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